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I recently caught up with Jannah Dryden from the Album Registry at WPPI in Las Vegas. The Album Registry is a relatively new Aussie company and it’s a game changer for wedding photographers as far as I’m concerned!  Phototalk even rated it in the top 10 of best companies at WPPI for 2016!  Here’s how my chat with Jannah went.

album registry

Let’s start off with the very basics, what is Album Registry?

Album Registry is an online gift registry which allows friends and families to contribute an amount towards the cost of professional print product. I came up with the concept at a fairly difficult point in my life when I was forced to make a decision to either increase my income to support myself and my two young children solo or to close my photography business of 5 years and go and get a full time job with a stable reliable income. I’m a rather stubborn creature so closing my doors wasn’t an option but increasing my product sales was also proving difficult. I tried discounting, which was fruitless and fear of loss tactics didn’t sit well with me and my personality. My two main objections were ‘it costs too much’ and ‘we want an album, we will do it later’

It’s a great idea – what was the original inspiration for creating Album Registry?

I had an epiphany when I realised that having the family and friends contribute towards the cost, not only overcame the price objection but it also meant that they felt like they were giving towards a meaningful gift instead of just pitching into a wishing well.


Is this service restricted to any particular geographical area?

Since the launch of Album Registry 2 years ago, we are now operating globally and photographers have the ability to operate the registry in their local currency. This means that now, family and friends of your clients who may live interstate or in another country still have the ability to contribute towards a meaningful gift and send their well wishes for any event.

I’m seeing your service as a great fit for wedding photographers.  Can it be used for other events?

The service is not just limited to weddings. Baby showers, bah-mitzvahs, engagements, graduations, anniversaries… the possibilities are endless.

Now I understand your company name is “Album Registry”, however can the funds raised during a campaign be used for anything other than albums?

The latest roll out in development has seen Album Registry move away from price per page model and now a pitch in option. This means that the registry/crowd-gifting campaign is not limited to Albums but to any sort of photographic product that the photographer offers. This might be albums, frames, prints OR can even go as far as funding a photo booth or video.

Let’s talk about benefits, what’s in it for the photographer?

Album registry has been a radical increase in my product sales and I now sell an album with every wedding I shoot which is a 100% increase since I started.

What does a photographer need to do in order to offer this service to their clients?

Registration for photographers is free and can be done directly on the site at Once inside on the photographers dashboard, you can order your unique registry cards which you in turn pass onto your clients which pop them in their invitations. These cards contain directions to the photographers landing page, as well as clear instruction on how family and friends contribute. They simply find the registry/campaign using the date of the event and then follow the really simple payment steps.

Once the registry/campaign reaches it’s target, Album Registry forwards the funds along with a PDF of all those who have contributed, to the photographer. The photographer continues to use which ever manufacturer they choose and all creative control is up to the photographer.

Album Registry simply provides the fun, interactive platform for the transactions to take place, seamlessly and safely. Every time a registry is created by the photographer, a purchase is made or the registry has hit 100% funded, notifications are sent off to all parties which engage them in the gift giving process. The campaigns can be shared across all social media platforms, so even those who have not received an invitation with a registry card still have the opportunity to contribute. This is especially great for work friends who’d like to give gifts.

When is the best time to start the campaign before, during or post wedding or event?

The campaigns are created by the photographer from their dashboard, who can personalise them with a photograph that they have taken perhaps in an engagement shoot or using an image that their clients have provided. They can be set up well in advance before the event or even the week before. We like to give everyone as much notice as possible.

At the end of campaign how are the raised funds handled?

Once the event date has been reached we continue to keep the registry open for contributions for 5 days after which allows the last minute/forgetful gift givers the opportunity to give. All registry funds are collected and then forwarded onto the photographer minus our 6% fees. It is up to the photographer to choose to absorb these fees or to add it to the final registry amount at the beginning.

What is one word you believe best describes Album Registry?

I was asked not long ago to describe Album Registry in one word. I wanted to say innovative but I feel the word is overused at the moment, so I answered Bountiful. You see, Album Registry isn’t just giving clients the ability to get exactly what they want without the financial pinch but the photographers sales increase really is a byproduct of this revolutionary service.


Well I’m impressed! What a great way to increase your sales without putting more pressure on the bride and groom. If you’d like more information on the Album Registry check out their website.

If you are in the Sydney area on Tuesday 24th May you can book in to hear Jannah chat about the Album Registry and how it has helped her business by coming along to our FREE seminar. Full details on the Events page on our website.

Make sure to check out Album Registry’s Facebook page and share the awesome videos they have made with your clients.  It’s a great way to remind your clients how important it is to get an album!


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