50% off sample Folio Boxes

Out with the old and in with the new……

Early last year we revamped our Portfolio range by introducing our Folio and Image Folio Boxes with the view that these would replace our Portfolio and Image Portfolios in the future.

As of the 1st June we will be discontinuing our Portfolios and Image Portfolios, therefore, if you have been sitting on the fence about switching, this is the time to do it! For 2 weeks only we will be offering studio sample Folio Boxes at a 50% discount.

Not sure about the difference between our Folios and Portfolios? Or our Folios and Image Folios? Check out the information and photos below.

Use the coupon code “folio50” when you order your new sample online and the 50% discount will automatically be subtracted during check out. Stuido samples will be embossed with “studio sample only” on the back cover. This offer is only available until the 5th April, 2019 and is available for a maximum of 2 Folios per studio.

Folio v’s Portfolio

What are the differences between a Folio Box and Portfolio?

• The internal box base on Folio Boxes is made from timber making them stronger and more durable
• Folio Boxes have an option for adding a USB compartment for your digital files
• Folio Box bases can be made from the same material as the cover – whereas with Portfolios you only had the choice of a white, black or natural blend base.

Take advantage of our 50% off studio sample off and update your studio display today!

Folios v’s Image Folio Boxes

Not sure of the difference between Folio Boxes and Image Folio Boxes? It’s all about the cover! A Folio Box is covered in a beautiful textured cloth from our Asahi, Linen or Buckram range. An Image Folio Box features a customised photo wrap cover that can be personalised for each and every client.

Folio Boxes are by far the favourite as photographers can keep boxes in stock in their studio and can therefore turn their finished product around quickly. Don’t forget to emboss your logo on the cover so your brand is always on display.

Our personal favourite are the Image Folios as we think the personalised image wrap cover gives your client a unique, one of a kind presentation that they won’t be able to purchase anywhere else. It is designed and created individually for them, giving it a premium look and feel and a higher perceived value.


Discontinued products and materials

We’re in the midst of working on a brand new website and we’re so excited about some new products we are also working on. In order for us to make room for these we have decided to discontinue some products. Please make note the following products will be discontinued as of 1st June.

• Portfolios (upgrade to Folio Boxes)
• Image Portfolios (upgrade to Image Folio Boxes)
• Zig Zags
• Gift Folios
• Frame Bags (until stock runs out)

The following materials and album linings have now been discontinued from our range. These are effective immediately and we apologise for this as we can no longer get them from our suppliers.

• Buttermilk leather
• Pistachio linen
• Black outback leather
• Iron outback leather
• Black on natural lokta album lining
• Black on natural janaki album lining
• Gold on black lokta album lining
• Black banana album lining


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